Feline Behaviourist

As a cat owner, you know how frustrating it can be when your furry friend starts exhibiting behavior problems like scratching the furniture or refusing to use the litter box. It's natural to feel at a loss and unsure of how to help your cat. That's where a feline behaviourist comes in - someone who understands cats and their unique personalities and can offer personalized solutions to improve their wellbeing. Don’t worry, with a little guidance and some patience, you can speak cats too.

About Me

I am Heetal Bhatia, grew up in Dubai (UAE) and currently based in Amsterdam (Netherlands). I am a practicing feline behaviourist, and I can help you gain a deeper understanding of your cat's needs and behaviours so that you can develop a stronger bond with your furry companion. I have worked successfully with different cat breeds and specialise in the Arabian Mau. I aim to work together with you to help your cat lead their happiest and healthiest life. Over the last 15 years, my experience with cats has been extensive and rewarding. As a dedicated rescuer, I have taken in countless stray cats, rehabilitating them, and rehoming them into loving families. Through this process, I have gained invaluable insight into the behaviours and needs of these creatures. I have also provided successful behavioural advice to hundreds of adopters and fosters across the Middle East and Europe, helping them to create a harmonious relationship with their feline companions.

In addition, I ran my own cat sitting business in the UAE for 7 years, working with cats of different personalities and breeds. Through this, I gained further experience in educating owners on how to care for their cats' welfare. I am passionate about cats and believe that they are often misunderstood and misrepresented as a species. It is my goal to change this perception by continuing to educate cat guardians and companions on how to live with their cats in harmony.



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Medical Supplies,
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If your cat has litter box issues, is spraying or
​​​​​​​soiling the house.

If your cat is exhibiting
​​​​​​​any kind of aggression, whether towards people or
​​​​​​​other animals.

If your cat is damaging furniture.


If your cat is indulging in extreme vocalization and not letting you sleep peacefully at night.

If you’re facing problems confining your cat indoors from an outdoor routine.

If you’d like your cat to get along with your other cat, dog or anyone else.

If your cat is a shy, scared or an anxious cat and you need help with boosting their confidence.

Or if you just want to assess your cat’s current lifestyle and aim to make it even better than it already is.





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Not only do I understand cats, but I also have a strong understanding of the human mind. Being an empath and an HSP, I am fully aware of taking your needs and feelings into consideration to provide guidance that will be beneficial to both your cat and you.


Virtual consult

Have an online consultation with me, no matter where in the world you are. 75€ for a 60 mins consultation. 50€ for any additional hour. E.G.: a 90 mins consult cost 125€. Includes a detailed report out and summary post consult + unlimited support on WhatsApp during actual change work done by you.

In person consult

Only in Amsterdam or nearby areas based on availability and distance, reviewed on a case-to-case basis. 75€ for a 60 mins consultation. 50€ for any additional hour. E.G.: a 90 mins consult cost 125€. Additional 50€ for transport & travel time compensation. Includes a detailed report out and summary post consult + unlimited support on WhatsApp during actual change work done by you.

Subsequent Work Sessions

We might need more work sessions in case you’re stuck somewhere, or a new development has emerged since our consult.

a. 30mins: 45€
b. 60mins: 70€
​​​​​​​c. 90mins: 100€

General training on basics of feline behaviour & understanding cats better

​​​​​​​75€ one off for a training session of 1 hour

Our Team

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With the solid background in procurement, entrepreneurial and management, she has built a good record in her working environment. Working with a team of highly inspired and responsible men and women with a passion for their performance. We are here to offer you ‘convenience.



"As a first-time cat owner, I was completely overwhelmed by my new cat, Bobby’s behavior. But after consulting with Heetal, I felt much more confident about how to care for my cat. She gave me practical tips on how to create a comfortable and stimulating environment for my cat, as well as advice on how to approach my cats and learn it’s body language. Thanks to her guidance, I feel much more connected to my cat and am enjoying our time together even more."

Freelance writer - The Company

'Our newly adopted cat Ron was exhibiting aggressive behavior towards our older resident cat, Mew. He was attacking Mew at any given chance possible and we didn't know what to do. After consulting with We Speak Cats and Heetal, we felt much more confident about addressing our cat's behavior. She helped us understand the root cause of our cat's aggression and gave us a personalized plan to address it. After a few weeks of work with her guidance, both our cats now tolerate each other and we are working slowly to strengthen their bond, only if they are ok with it too.'

Freelance writer - The Company

"Penny had been avoiding her litter box suddenly for the last few weeks, and we had tried everything we could think of to fix the problem. But nothing seemed to work. We finally decided to consult with Heetal, who was recommended by our friend who she helped too, and it was the best decision we ever made. She helped us identify the underlying cause of our cat's aversion and gave us practical tips on how to address it. Our cat is now using the litter box without issue, and we're so grateful for Heetal's expertise and guidance."

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Terms & Conditions

PAYMENTS: Payment for any session to be made at least 48 hours in advance. Payments can be made via bank transfer or PayPal

CANCELLATION: Cancellation policy is 72 hours before session upto which you can cancel for free. Any cancellation within less than 72 hours or no shows will be charged 50% of the session fees

MOBILITY: Ensure you have mobility during the session should I need to see your apartment or cat or both. If you’re not in the same space as the cat during the session, I may ask for videos before or after to assist me with my consult

RESULTS: Please understand that your cat is a sentient being with a mind and personality of his/her own. I can provide guidance with all the information I have been given by you and lock it in with my years of experience, but my role is to navigate your pet’s behaviour and support you through it mentally and emotionally. The actual work will be done by you and the results will vary on severity of the case, animals’ genetics, your efforts etc. Nonetheless, I will be customizing my solution as best as I can to suit your lifestyle, budget, time and above all, your cat’s welfare

TOOLS: I am a fear free behaviourist and use the LIMA (Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive) approach to training. You can read more about it here (https://iaabc.org/lima)

​​​​​​​LANGUAGE: Currently, I can only provide my services in English

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